The Church, the Status Quo Church God, is Putting on Notice!

jones-009To most, the Church is a place of social gathering to meet a man, woman, boy or girl to date. Most people have no respect for the church because of the widespread hypocrisy in the body of Christ. From corrupt leadership, using people for merchandise, crippling the house of God with bad teaching how to live and attain the abundance life of John 10:10, and voicing a watered-down message about salvation. The average church is not into saving souls from the ugly place called hell. A word the average preacher will seldom broadcast. Nor will talk about sin and it consequences because once a false, empty confession of Romans 10:9-10 is done, the individual is hell proof and could not enter in hell no matter what style of a life lived after the confession. Never will allow a real man or woman of God in their private demonized, well-oiled setup. They will not permit the head of the Church in their midst; I am talking about Jesus Christ Himself.

The bigger the crowd, the greater the lawlessness against the Word of God. The right teaching on what is required for eternal life in peace after death is a message rejected by two thirds of the world population and one-half of the alleged body of Christ members. The real analogy, half the people proclaiming salvation are lost now and clueless to that fact. Read and understand Matthew 25:1-13. The two-third come from my research of the world population on global Christianity, and the gods believed in those nations. You can do it yourself and prove my facts.

Everything about the status quo church is changing, from the preaching of the Word of God, the presentations of Jesus to the masses, and the level of respect given to its Power and Authority. The activities of God in the last day church He is bringing into existence is a Church the Power of God not seen in over two thousand of years will be on display. Revelations hid for the last days are now being revealed and released by men and women God was silently training for over 25 years with one on one with Him for His glory to shine through as in the days of Moses and Aaron against Pharaoh. With one exception, His power will be against all evil Pharaoh on a global scale.

My book, “THE SAVING Of A SOUL called, ‘THE HEREAFTER,’ is the last day book straight from the Word of God about the road to salvation. The Spirit of God worked with me for eleven years documenting false preachers, churches and an endless slew of mainstream denominations falling away from the real Jesus for political correctness with the lost. A book that’s the first of its kind, one of a kind and the last of its kind, ever to be published again. THE SAVING OF A SOUL called, ‘THE HEREAFTER.  A blueprint from God what He requires for peaceful entrance into His Everlasting Kingdom. You read this book; you will no longer be confused on what the Bible teaches about what is necessary to receive eternal life in peace after death. Also, you will know without a doubt, if the church you attend represents the real Jesus or the false Jesus documented in 2 Corinthians 11:4.

Here is an excerpt with a warning of what God is doing with preachers blatantly standing in as an officer of the church serving the devil full-time. It comes from Chapter 16, “Big Mouth Ministries with no True Voice for God for Eternal Life.” A cleansing occurred in Atlantic, Georgia in January 2017 with a BIG MOUTH Ministries – World-wide. There is a complete loss of respect for Jesus, the Word of God, or the Bible from the things you hear coming out of people’s mouths and the way people live. The ones with total disrespect of God’s Word have no idea how close the spirit of death is hovering over their lives; only the grace of God is not allowing the entrance of that Spirit to perform. Keep running your mouth like a fool, and the grace of God will cease to protect. No one should believe me, and I do not care if you believe me or not, if four dead people could come back from hell and tell you that hell is real, you would not believe them either. Read Luke 16: 22-31 carefully scrutinized Luke 16:31, “31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

scan0015 In the past, the moments of God were grossly unnoticed by humanity, but not to those synchronized to the Spirit of God. Nowadays, the world will clearly see the Acts of God, His Strange Acts displaying His Supernatural Powers to Create Creatively for the individual who can believe the Holy Bible. Secondly, the world shall see the vengeance of God against whosoever, no matter what status, the power of influence, wealthy, poor or whoever who dare come against His last day’s apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors to make their lives uncomfortable in any manner. Whosoever shall see the vengeance of God against everything connected to them. God is not going to tolerate any fool who come against his last day five-fold gifts and Hid real children.





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