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My goal is to help billions of everyday people to give life to his or her idea. First, we must acquire this understanding that money is an idea. If you have no idea, most likely you will not have any real money. (Re-post of article on another website).

I am God’s highly sort after super mega multi, multi, and multi-billionaire. God is sending me to the world and the body of Christ – to teach both how to receive from heaven what The Creator God has already given to humanity on a global scale. I am informing humankind in advance of the new man God has made me, and no one can stop it from happening, except me. What I know about the truest book on the planet, I cannot depart from my knowledge because billions of people do not believe what I think. Do not ignore any post I put on my page because you are sure to miss a great essential knowledge key to your success. You can take that to the bank because it will reflect what you deposit.

The first thing you should do, read my LinkedIn Post, introducing “The World You Know Today Will Not Be the Same World within the Next 38-Years. Also, a modify version with more content. What Will You Do? The link is at the bottom of the page. Secondly, read the entire article redirected to my website. Thirdly, read the information I speak on about the first post I commented on myself on PT 1 video of the article ( and view all 5-videos. The same post is on Google +. Finally, re-read this post. Redundancy is key to learning, especially in this fast pace world we live in today and the short attention span humanity possesses.

My aim is to show billions of people how to give life to his or her plans, goals, or dreams. Without the variables of cost, material, or the number of persons needed to assist as a hindrance.
A thought process took from the truest book on the planet – the Holy Bible. A process of reflection every human in the land use but many of his or her disadvantages because of not having the proper knowledge to develop the correct thinking to create the life or plan desired.

Extraordinary goals form the same way as insignificant projects. The only differences are the quality of thoughts. What I am expressing is this, if you want a billion dollar, you must have a billion-dollar idea. It must be an idea that has the power to affect the lives of at least a billion people on a global scale for a greater good. An idea of this magnitude has the authority to produce endless revenue based on the promises of the truest book on the planet – the Holy Bible.

One of the characteristics of the Bible, it delivers what it promises to the individual that can believe its contents.
The Word of God is no secret to the rich and the powerful. The elites of the world build their empires on the truths of the Bible and they are very knowledgeable of its contents for material gain. Ask Donald Trump; his favorite book is the Bible. Have you an idea why it is so? Meanwhile, the elites of the world give you their words, and many magnify what they say to them over the Word of God. They will believe man before they trust God. Meanwhile, the wealthy make laws against the Bible to censor it truths, making the Bible, the most hated and disrespected book in the land when they know it is the truest book on the earth.

Five Steps to Reinvent Your Life Forever is here on the earth putting an end to the endless campaigns against the Word of God. The God of the Bible will give life to whosoever that has a dream, goal, or vision based on the promises of the Bible. A God who cannot lie as promised in Numbers 23:19.

I am amazed and astonished at the number of people with so much hatred and rejection of the truest book on the planet. Listen, and you search your mind and see if what I say in the next statement is not true in your life. “Everything about your life today is nothing but a film of your thoughts of yesterdays.” I do not know you, but I know this that the life you are living today are the thoughts you had days, months, or years back of your yesterdays. I know exactly the life you shall have and live in the future. No one can argue this fact and prove me wrong because my understanding came from the truest book on the planet – the Holy Bible. A truth many shall make a discovery too late.

I would not procrastinate and not own this book. To do so, it could cost you dearly in this life and the hereafter as well. Get your copy, and you will succeed at what you are trying to do!

All Seeds Produce the Same Harvest.

Every seed produces a harvest of the seed. Our ideas are non-physical seeds. Every idea, which is a seed, shall produce the fruit of the notion. All that is require is water the idea by working your plan every opportunity, and eventually, the harvest of the idea will spring to life. The idea will do and produce what it was birth to do.

Case and point, a show called, “Deadly Women.” Every crime (idea) produces a bad harvest. The person who commits the violent act never gets away. The heinous crime breeds the harvest of the idea. Everything in the universe connected to the crime automatically connects itself to the idea, which is the crime bringing the perpetrator into captivity. The police voluntarily get involved in catching the suspect. Lab personnel has come on the scene for DNA analysis. Free publicity is provided flashing the person name and face everywhere for people to see. All these things are taking place because the crime (idea) has the fruit or harvest within the seed (idea).

Whatever your purpose consists of, everything in the universe begins to work on its own to give life to your seed, which is an idea. Things you have not given any thoughts and circumstances all over the world begin to connect itself to your seed, to give full life to the core content of your idea (seed). Thoughts are the cause of all things, including the life you are living today!

Respect Has Returned to the Holy Bible

Absolute respect is returning to the Holy Bible on a global scale that the Holy Bible is the truest book on the planet. Through my book, “Five Steps to Reinvent Your Life Forever,” the entire world will know that the Holy Bible is the truest book in the land. Multiple billions are discovering the secrets now to the birth of the life they are living are the results of his or her thoughts of yesterdays. Billions of people will use the thought process of God in my book, and the Creator God will fulfill the core content of the idea and bring the thoughts of the person into physical form. Respect has returned to the truest book on the planet. The endless campaigns against the Word of God will now fall and the Holy Bible, known as a book that can give life to any idea a person can believe in his or her mind.

My Seed

There is not one human on the planet who thinks differently from the teaching explained and taught in my book. I have put a decree at the end of the book as to what the book is doing, the records it is breaking and its new home in the world. There are enough people on the planet to give life to everything I have spoken about the book. Surely, the greatest God of the universe can touch the minds of a billion people to own my book out of 7.2 billion people on the planet. I challenge people everywhere on the globe to follow my life and watch everything I have said become the life I am living. Billions of people lives shall change by the book with the blueprint of God thought process. A plan from God to His creation how any person on the earth can give life to any idea without cost being a hindrance. Additionally, material required or the number of individuals needed to assist with the plan, none of these things will stop the idea from becoming a reality.

People all over the world are purchasing, “FIVE STEPS to REINVENT YOUR LIFE FOREVER.” I speak now what God has caused to happen, billions of people are now buying this book, and billions of lives are changing. Five Steps is a book that shall never go into the “Halls of the Forgotten.” A book professionally re-edited for global reading empowering the average person to become a creative thinker to give life to his or her dreams. A book, my God, is having read in over 100 languages for humanity on a global scale to own and understand. Are you one of the billion? If you are, own the book and join my billionaire club for Christ on Twitter,

Larry Jones (@Onetruevoice4C) | Twitter     Please take the time to read and understand.   Please take the time to read and understand. The favorite book of the wealthy is the Holy Bible. It is the only book where momentous wealth is gain and empires built into existence. Please ask Donald Trump if you do not believe me. I will give you his quote; I shared on LinkedIn on this post?

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