We have excellent opportunities for pastors, teachers, prophets, evangelists, pastors, prophetess, or elders to watch and assist over ministry when I am called elsewhere for the call of God. Not only when I am called elsewhere but while I am here. In order to participate, your beliefs must be in agreement with church beliefs. You have a call of God on your life and is not a novice. You feel qualified to teach the Word of God, but are not being used where you are, or are without a church home, please feel free to come on over to the True Church and allow God to use your talents. We all grow together learning from each other’s as God continues to increase us all.

Bible Contest

Children between the ages of 6-14 years olds have a chance to win $20.00 entering a Bible Contest naming all books of the Bible in six minutes without breaking the chain. Contest is a time restraint with six minutes to complete game.  Player becomes disqualified if six minutes has elapsed and have not completed the sequence. If sequence broken, competitor is disqualified. However, if sequence is stopped but not broken, the participant may continue as long as their six minutes have not expired. In the event of a tie, a scripture will be given and the first person that find the scripture wins $20Contract With God 562 x 1000.00 cash reward. Contestants may only win contest one time, but may enter the contest continuously if they have not won a game.  There will be room for five contestants to play the game, and the rest of the time will be devoted to Bible teaching.