About Me

A true apostle/prophet, God, has risen up for the last of the last days to make God’s will flawless for all humankind concerning eternal life in peace after death. In addition, how to obtain unlimited wealth or create anything the mind of any person can understand without any restriction on cost, material, or the number of people required for the project completion.  The man lives in the wondrous glory of God by getting the results of all his thoughts, plans, and goals with a willing mind and life made available to humanities that they too can walk in the same glory. Larry is a man God is using to bring an end unto the status quo church, the intimidated church, the voiceless church, and giving life to a church the world shall witness true signs and wonders as in the days of old.

Larry was ordained February 21, 1997 by Bishop Jimmy Boles of Jesus Christ Holiness Church, Shreveport, Louisiana as the overseer of the True Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – A Voice in the Wilderness Ministries with qualifications to preach the gospel of Christ. In addition to the criteria to preaching the gospel, but to perform marriages, administer Sacraments, and direct other functions of the Ministry. We are simply a New Testament Church operated by the confines of the Word of God and not the traditions of men. Larry is happily married to a God-fearing, baptized woman of God, filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost as her husband in Acts 2: 4. Larry and spouse are re-born believers since March 29, 1992, and still on fire for God, to destroy the works of Satan on a global scale.

Larry is a man who teaches his listeners the real secrets to the abundant life principles of God so the hearers can receive the things from God already given.  A man who decrees and confessed he has mastered the details of the science of getting rich, eternal life in peace, living in a healthy body, of being great and precious. Larry is a man who teaches this knowledge from the pulpit representing Jesus Christ, and he lacks not a congregation. He is a man who teaches a gospel that the world needs, and because he does, humanities give liberally to Larry and to the ministry of the True Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – A Voice in the Wilderness Ministries. He is a man of wealth, filled with infinite life in peace after death. Larry lives in a healthy body; he is great and precious among humankind.  Larry has devoted his life to the cause of all humanities that they too can become recipients of endless wealth, eternal life in peace after death. Teaching and showing how to live in healthy bodies, how to be great and adored among humankind by teaching whosoever the principles of God, for their dreams to become a reality in their lives.

Making it clear to the world, Jesus Christ will give to any man whatever they are able to believe Him to do base on the promises of His Word without Christ as Lord and Savior of the soul for stuff, things or a healthy body. However, concerning eternal life in peace after death, Larry speaks without fear and intimidation among humankind making known on a global scale the belief and God a person must have in their life to have peace in the hereafter. Larry rebuttals openly all false faiths, religions, false gods, false gospels, false teachers, false churches that speak against the gospel of Christ or the Holy Bible. Larry fearless confronts all that teach against the gospel of Christ, the doctrines of Christ, the name of Jesus, the Holy Bible, the kingdom of God, and the church (body of Christ) without fear and intimidation of humans embodied with Satan’s spirits.

Larry is a man God has risen up to bring changes in the church how Jesus Christ preached, taught, and honored. A man the world shall see signs and wonders of God moving through him as in the days of Moses and Aaron when God showed his hand against Pharaoh of Egypt with the 10 plagues. The signs and wonders of today will supersede the signs and wonders of yesterday in speed and performance with endless blessings from God and destruction in Satan’s camps. God has destroyed the voiceless through Larry under the umbrella of the True Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – A Voice in the Wilderness Ministries.  Satan’s voice is no longer the ruling voice in the earth. Satan will have a voice, but it will not rule over the VOICE of God.

Larry’s preaching on the world stage spans 6 continients:

Public Broadcasting the gospel of Christ since 1997, beginning in Shreveport, La., on KOKA Radio and K-Sky Dallas, TX.

Report from Pan American Broadcasting: You began broadcasting with Pan American, collaborating with us here to share the hope of Jesus Christ in radio outreach as follows;

WHRA – in August 2001, your ministry radio outreach launched and was heard across N America and on the African Continent on WHRA.

KWHR Angel 3 – in 2003 your radio ministry began broadcasting into the continent of China.

WRMI – Your radio ministry launched into South, Central and North America, blanketing all continent with your spiritual teaching. You returned to the WHRA outreach in 2003 sharing the hope of Jesus in Africa and North America once again.

EUROPEAN GOSPEL RADIO – Your ministry outreach was launched into Europe 2003 through 2004, sharing your spiritual teaching among the hearts of Europe.

I have several stores promoting Jesus Christ and a DONATION button on the smart store website for anyone who wants to be a partner and a contributor to the True Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – A Voice in the Wilderness Ministries to take up arms against Satan’s global army. Through the Spirit of Collaboration Eccl. 4: 9-12 body of Christ we can all walk in the glory of God (the results of God).